Partner with Me

You can partner with me either prayer through signing up for my newsletters and giving financially.

Financially you can support me as an international worker by giving online here. I would ask you leave the “Fund” dropdown as is and fill out the rest. Tax receipts will be issued via Canadahelps.

For the curious, here is an explanation of the giving options under “Fund”:

  • Derek’s Support (6622) – This gives to the Global Advance Fund which supplies all international workers our basic needs for rent, food, medical, flights, and so forth. Some of this will go to me and I have to raise a small percentage annually. This is the best way to help me financially at the moment.

  • Derek’s Work Fund (6623) – This goes toward any ministry related projects that I need such as running a ministry center, treating locals for food for witnessing. After a few years placement then I will have a better idea what specific work funds will be needed.
  • Derek’s Outfit Fund (6625) – This goes toward household items and clothing to help “outfit” me while I am in Thailand. This fund is relatively small.

The reality is giving to ‘Derek’s Support’ is MUCH more beneficial for me over the other funds right now. Thank you greatly for your interest in Thailand and what the Lord is doing through me! While I am sufficiently supplied, so many of you are eager to share in Christ’s sufferings like Paul in Philippians 4:10-14. Bless your generous heart.

One caveat of giving online is that CanadaHelps will take 3.5% portion of the donation as a processing fee. Should this be an issue for you (especially with large donations), you can mail the attached form to the address inside. You MUST specify in the other box (highlighted yellow) “Support of Derek Chan” in order for me to receive it. Otherwise I won’t be credited and your support will go toward the general pool.

Finally, if you want to do a one-time donation through cheque so the full amount goes to me then please make cheque payable to C&MA in Canada, add on memo line: Support of Derek Chan and mail it to:

The Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada
7560 Airport Road |Unit 10 |Mississauga, ON | L4T 4H4