About Me

My name is Derek Chan and I am being sent to Thailand as an international worker with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. I am also an ordained minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. I was born in Toronto and my parents are from Hong Kong.

My Ministry

I will be doing language and cultural study in Bangkok for 2 years starting August 2019. Afterwards, my placement for another 2 years will be determined. Finally, I will come back for a 1 year home assignment. Then I will repeat a 5-year cycle until the Lord deems else wise. My focus is on church planting to least-reached people groups.

My Background

Despite coming from a non-Christian family, I have grown up knowing Jesus since receiving a gospel tract at the age of 13. I have been with the Christian and Missionary Alliance church for over 15 years. My undergraduate is in Computer Science and I worked closely with Microsoft for 5 years in Canada/United States until receiving a call to ministry. Afterwards, I graduated from Tyndale University and Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. I began tent-making as an assistant pastor for 3 years, then became an intern pastor for 2 years downtown focusing on ministry to the homeless and Tibetan intercity kids. A call to missions came at the end of my internship. I applied as an international worker overseas and was accepted to Thailand a year later.

Outside of the home I enjoy eating good foods, playing a game of Catan, and spending time with friends. My favorite verse is Ecclesiastes 11:1 which says “cast your bread unto the waters, for after many days you will find it again”.

I would love to stay in touch, you can reach me at derek.chan@hostedsys.ca, Facebook, or Sign up for my monthly newsletters

Here is an old sermon I preached at Tyndale chapel in 2015.