‘My Husband came back to the Lord’

On the taxi ride home from the Bangkok airport, a most unusual thing happened. I was chatting with the driver Mr. Suphong when I explained about how I was a teacher in the church (most Thai’s don’t understand the word pastor). He then turned to me suspiciously a bit and asked, “do you speak in the gift of tongues?”. What an odd question. I replied, “No, but I do believe in the gift of tongues and that I pray that the Lord would bless me with it. Please allow me to ask, is Jesus your Lord and have you asked forgiveness from your sins?”. He agreed wholeheartedly and the exchange was complete. Mr. Suphong was the first Christian taxi driver I ever met in Thailand.

Mr. Suphong told me a bit of his background – being in a second marriage and how his first wife had left him. How a missionary who went around the neighborhood in a bicycle every day and shared the gospel, distributing tracts and eventually reaching out to with him. How he found new life in Jesus. Also clearly his Pentecostal background and his church – as Mr. Suphong eagerly showed me a video of the new church his pastor was building. Apparently a new mega church able to hold over 5000 congregants that is meant to dwarf any congregation in Bangkok. I told him that was wonderful though we should trust in the Lord and not buildings. I asked him if there was anything I could pray for and then in there we had a prayer meeting while he was driving, praising God for the things he has done and is doing. I’m just glad he didn’t close his eyes while on the highway!

Me and Mr. Suphong

Soon Mr. Suphong insisted I talk with his wife over the phone. This was confusing to me as I didn’t know what was so important, and which wife was this I wondered? But I accepted. A friendly Thai lady picked up. She explained to me the entire situation. She was Mr. Suphong’s current wife, also a Christian. The previous wife who was not a believer had left him over a decade ago. When Mr. Suphong began going to Bible studies he met his now wife who also had experienced a similar marriage fallout too. She gave me some of her prayer requests. Then the lady over the phone switched to some very good English (I guess to not lose face) and explained more. Thing’s were not all roses after re-marriage though, as Mr. Suphong later fell away from the Lord and back into his old life. He went into gambling and alcohol for 5 years which really drove him into a pit. “But then a year ago, thank God that he came back to his senses and repented. My husband came back to the Lord. Please keep him in your prayers that he does not fall back into his old life”. It is so encouraging to see how God is at work here amongst the Thai believers.

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