Testimony of ‘Anne’

My name is ‘Anne’* and I come from a Buddhist family in Bangkok. I always wanted to know more about the Christian God and go to church, but nobody would help me. Eventually, I came to work in Toronto with very little English and life was hard. It was here I began dating my now husband Peter who is a Korean-Canadian and does not speak any Thai! But more importantly, he is a born-again Christian. So early on in our relationship, he insisted that we began to go to church.

Knowing that my English was not that good, Peter was considerate enough to take me to a Thai speaking church instead. It was there that I began to experience the love of Christ and find the answers I was seeking for. The church helped me out and I became close with them. Soon I decided to ask Jesus into my life. I walked up to Pastor Sue and told her that I was ready to receive Jesus as my Savior. ‘Really??’ Pastor Sue exclaimed, with tears welling up in her eyes. ‘Yes….’ I could not look at her any longer as I too began crying with tears of joy and emotion. It was that moment I asked Christ for forgiveness and to come into my heart. Life has never been the same since.

I have been a Christian for 4 years now and God has blessed us with a beautiful boy. Although my parents still do not know Christ, I pray for them all the time. I know it is not my power but it is God’s power that will save them. Even though Peter cannot understand them, my parents like him when we fly to Thailand to visit because he is a good provider for the family. I love coming to the Thai church because not only can I worship God in Thai, but that the believers have now become my extended family.

*’Anne’ English nickname used
Story asked by permission

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